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I am so enraged right now that I could spit nails. Yesterday I contacted the Triangle Speakers about talking to schools about being gay and having HIV/AIDS.

This was their response:

Hi, Mikey. I'm responding to your phone call about our training tomorrow.

Our panels speak primarily about GLBT issues, period. Some closely related issues also get discussed, such as family, coming out issues, same-sex marriage, etc. AIDS has certainly been mentioned in passing on panels. But we are not an HIV/AIDS speaker bureau and do not want that to be the focus of any speaker's presentation any more than someone would focus on any other GLBT issue. Our speakers speak from our own experiences; we do not lecture on facts or ideologies.

So I suspect we may not be a good venue for the kind of speaking you would like to do. In case you are interested in "just" speaking on GLBT issues, I am forwarding training details. If you plan to attend, please reply to this and I will send you some advance material that you will need before tomorrow's session.
Either way, thank you for your interest in Triangle Speakers.

I do have HIV/AIDS you fucking idiot. It will be my own experience!!
Are they so deft thinking HIV/AIDS is not part of the GLBT community? Are they trying to be so Santa Cruz politically correct that they are ignoring HIV/AIDS? Right now I'm like a tiger in a cage waiting to pounce my claws into the nearest victim who pisses me off. Fuck Santa Cruz and it's being so politically correct. This group must want the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus!!


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