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About two weeks ago, the boss and myself had a two hour meeting about the salon. We discussed which way we wanted to talk the salon. My duties to him and to the salon. What he wanted to achieve in the salon. Most of this meeting was him working out the details in his head and me being a sound board.

Well something happened yesterday at work and I went ballistic. I was alone when I had seen what happened and was unable to vent. Finally my boss showed up and I showed him what made me so upset. I even left a nasty gram to the culprit who pushed my last gay nerve.

Last night my boss calls me up asking me to write a list of things I need from the salon and from him. So today we had a 45 minute discussing 13 plus issues I needed to address. We both handled these issues in a very professional demeanor. There was no arguing, tears, shouting at each other as sometimes these meetings rise to out of hand levels.

We are still clearing the other and it won't be cleared for another few days until we have a full staff meeting. He knows where I stand and I know where he stands on the above issues. I'm still not a happy camper yet, but the air was cleared to go further in our working relationship.


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