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Dear Universe

Dear Universe,
They say you don't get what you want unless you put your wishes out to you. So I am humbling myself today asking for your universal energy to grant my needs, wants, and desires, and wishes.

  • Continued Good Health Living With HIV/AID

  • A Laptop So I Can Get Out Of My Bedroom- I would love the Dell (RED) campaign laptop but any new laptop would do

  • A Speaking Group So I Can Go To Schools And Educate About HIV/AIDS

  • A Vacation - I really need to get the hell out of Dodge for a few days

  • A New Flat Screen Television - February 9th next year everything goes digital

  • A New Specialize Street Bike - My bike is alright but it needs a tune up and a new seat

  • A New Bedroom Set - I'm tired of black lacquer set living with it for sooo many years

  • A New Place To Live Where I Can Be Myself And Be Affordable For Me To Live - I may have to move in six months because I live in a HIV/AIDS transitional house and I'm scared I won't find a place I can afford

  • To Go Skydiving

  • A Partner- I hope he cums soon hehehehehe

So there you are Universe please grant me my wants, desires, wishes, and dreams. It is only with your help that they will come into my life.

Yours truly,

PS I have tried to contact a few computer companies for a laptop for a donation. Since I educate about HIV/AIDS in the private sector no one will donate a laptop since I'm not a non-profit.


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