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Bug Chasers

Recently I have learned that their is a group of men known as bug chasers. These are gay men who have unprotected sex wanting to contract the HIV/AIDS virus. What is more frightening to me are the "Gift Givers!!" Gay men willing to spread the HIV/AIDS virus to someone who wants HIV/AIDS.

Psychologist suggest the people who are gift givers and bug chasers may have anxiety and self esteem problems. In my opinion, I don't see any good reason for contracting HIV/AIDS. Taking meds everyday, the side effects from the meds, and worrying that your health could turn for the worse any day.

Are the "Gift Givers" so upset that they have the virus that they want everyone to be HIV positive? I don't know, but I have herd of these cases and they don't give a damn to whom they infect.

For me disclosure is everything. I have to be very up front about my HIV status. I want a partner to know that we have to have safe sex so they don't get the virus. If I'm with a partner who is HIV positive, I still want to have safe sex so the virus doesn't mutate becoming drug resistant. As a person who is considered having AIDS no matter how high his T cells are, I find the information disturbing. To read the article on bug chasing you can click here.


  • I just learned about this a few days ago when I saw a documentary on HIV/AIDS. HIV has had a big inpact on my life since I had one (of many before that, this one happened in 2000) one night stands that left me wondering if I was infected. I was not, and I am not today. But it will always be a fear of mine and I hope that the virus shall be gone forever in a couple of years.

    But to leran that there are people put there who actuallu want the shit (not gift) is too scary even to think about - concidering what that does to the little cure we have for it.

    I´m sorry for misstakes in spelling and grammar. I´m from Sweden.

    By Anonymous A, At 8:58 PM  

  • Actually studies have shown that while this is a fantasy, more about having care free sex than having a disease, there is very little follow through.

    This is more about not having constraints. However, when push comes to shove, most back out and there is very little follow through.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:46 AM  

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