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Medical Cannaibis

About a week ago I started to use medical cannabis. One of the side effects of the antivirals I take is insomnia. I bolt up from sleeping every hour, hour and a half, two hours. Try to function over a three year time period and being yourself with this sleeping condition.

I've talked to my doctor many times on this issue and he has prescribed many different sleeping pills for me to try for my insomnia. Every single one of those sleeping pills has given me a drug induced hangover the next morning. After taking those sleeping pills, I couldn't function for hours after I have awoken from sleep.

Now that I've started on cannabis, I'm sleeping four, five, six hours straight without bolting out of sleep. Here in California, medical cannabis was legalized in 1996 for many medical conditions. There are 11 other states that have passed cannabis for medical conditions. Two other states have passed provisions but not legalizing cannabis for medical reasons. If you would like to see which states passed medical cannabis laws and provisions you can click here. It informs you on the number of plants and usable ounces your are allowed to have in your possession for medical purposes.

I do know people do abuse their cannabis rights. I also know the FDA looks down on the use of medical cannabis cracking down on medical cannabis clubs daily. For me as a person living with HIV/AIDS, I find it useful now just being able to function during the day after having a good nights sleep. In 2005 the Kansas Compassionate Care Coalition published the facts about the use of medical cannabis and HIV/AIDS.

I would also like you to know while researching this blog posting, I came across every single presidential candidate running this year and their views on medical cannabis. If you like to know how your candidate would vote for the use of medical cannabis you can click here.

Until the state of California tells me it's illegal for me to use cannabis, I'll keep using cannabis for sleep so I can function with the daily needs of my life. I'll also hold onto my medical cannabis card for dear life!! To quote Charlton Heston in front of the NRA "They'll only get my medical cannabis card by prying it out of my cold, dead hand!!"


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