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Special Props

Today I need to send out special props to a fellow blogger. Before I reveal who this certain blogger is, I need to tell your a story....

I touched base with my boss on Monday before we started work again on Tuesday. He informs me that I received a letter from Illinois. Well I only know two people from Illinnois. They are Anastasia Beaverhausen and Oprah.

Well things just popped into my head. Things like, "Oh My God, Oh My God Oprah wants to interview my on the work I'm trying to do educating on my blogs!!" Then I thunk "Oh Anastasia Beaverhausen sent me picks of her toddler." Guess what? I was wrong on both accounts!!

Now it's time to give out the special props to Iteach. She sent a card to my work thanking me for my trying to educate about HIV/AIDS. The card said "INC(RED)IBLE" on the outside and (seriously you really ROCK) on the inside of the card. The card was part of the (RED) campaign which Hallmark is now a sponsor.

Second it was a musical card. When I opened the card, the card played Tina Turner's "Simply The Best." For those who really know me know I love Tina Turner. I saw her in concert front row center many years ago. She was one of the few women in this world that gave me an erection. REALLY!!! I"M NOT SHITTING YOU!!

Thank you Iteach very much for the card. You knew two things I love and sent me both.

With Much Love,


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