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Rough Spell

I thought my rough spell would start next week but I was wrong. You see, it started yesterday at work. Within the first two hours of work I found out my boss might have another kidney stone. Then a former boss who now is friend of mine told me her mom died Tuesday night. Needless to say it was a tough day.

The reason I thought my rough spell would start next week is my boss is going to the yearly transsexual convention next week. Then the end of the following week, he is going to Chicago to teach a class at the annual trichotillomania convention. After that he is going to visit his mother who's health is not very good.

So for the next few weeks, I'm only going to be working two days a week and losing a lot of income. I have to figure a way to come up with my rent, along with other bills including getting my medical cannabis for sleep. BTW medical cannabis is VERY expensive to purchase. I'm just trying to figure out how to get along financially plus try to save up for a new laptop.


  • I've wondered how much medicinal marijuana costs. If it's more than street price, what's the freaking point?

    By Blogger Karl, At 11:12 PM  

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