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Thank You Arizona, Arkansas, California, and Florida For Voting On Legalized Discrimination!!

I don't get political on my blog very often but I can not keep my mouth shut on what happened in Arizona, Arkansas, California, and Florida yesterday. Here it is 2008, we just voted the first Afro American president in office and yet we as a country we still discriminate on religious beliefs.

You see Arizona, California, and Florida voted to ban gay marriage yesterday. the totals are as follows:

Arizona- Yes 56% No 44%

California-Yes 52% No 48%

Florida- Yes 62% No 38%

I know the ads here in California that wanted gay marriage banned was nauseating. They used religion and children as fear factors to get people to vote for the ban. Now the truth be told I don't really care if it's called marriage or a civil union as long as gay couples can have the same rights as everyone else and become legalized partners. Let the right wing conservatives have the term MARRIAGE but let us have our CIVIL UNIONS.

Now this one really got my nickers in a up roar. The State of Arkansas banned gay couples from adopting children 57% to 43%. I don't understand when people want to adopt unwanted children that they should be denied. Why should they be banned when they want to give a child a better life outside an orphanage? Are the religious, right wing conservatives going to adopt these children? If they do will they teach them bigotry and hatred? To this one blogger, yesterday showed just exactly how far the religious right wing will go to teach discrimination against gays getting married and adopting children!!


  • The Arkansas ban truly upsets me. Adoption is never an easy process. People are screened and interviewed and their homes are inspected before they can be approved by an agency to adopt. It's rare for abusive or ill-prepared parents to get through this process. It NEVER matters if you are black, white, gay, straight, WHATEVER...it only matters that you have it in your heart to welcome a child with no parents into your family, which is a beautiful and miraculous thing. Why gay people should be discriminated against in ANY way is beyond me, but in the case of adoption, it has been shown in many studies that gays parent just as well as other adoptive parents (and why wouldn't they - what does sexual orientation have to do with parenting? It had to be studied??)

    I don't understand the bans on marriage/civil unions and adoption. I don't understand the discrimination or the stigmas attached to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. I had such hope for Prop 8, especially after discussing it with my homophobic mother who lives in California - and she voted NO! I am so disappointed by this election in many ways. I wish my gay friends could enjoy the same freedoms I have and sometimes take for granted. When discussing the election with a gay friend I mentioned something about "social" issues such as gay marriage and he replied, "For me this is not a "social" issue - it's a LIFE issue." He really opened my eyes, and I will stand up for my friends who are discriminated against just for LIVING their lives. Thanks for your blog, Mikey, and for giving me a chance to speak my mind, too.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:08 PM  

  • I'm so happy to see all the protests! They sure as hell have pissed off a lot of gay people, and this is truly wonderful, to see them upset and taking a stand!


    By Blogger WAT, At 5:00 PM  

  • Seriously, what I keep thinking is "what happened to separation of church and state?" I mean, I'm probably naive about the whole thing, but they use separation of church and state to keep my kids from praying before a football game and in school. Yet it DOESN'T apply when it comes to "gay marriages violating what God has ordained"?!? WTF? You can't have it both ways. Am I crazy or not seeing the whole picture or what?

    Anyway, I love ya all the same Mikey. And I'll even let you adopt my children if you want them! lol


    By Blogger Nesser, At 1:11 PM  

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