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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
All I wanted this year was a medium quality laptop and a vacation to somewhere nice. Now since I've lost my job, all I want is a job in which my symptoms of AIDS doesn't interfere, money for my food, prescriptions and a place to live since I have to move by January 31st.

With this recession I can't find anyone to employ me and I'm finding companies locking their front doors so you can't even get in to fill out applications for their companies. With nearly 2 million people out of work there are far and few jobs on the market which I qualify and a have my health, age, and race working against me.

Haven't I taken enough major hits this year and deserve a few miracles at this time? Now I also need a new optical mouse for my computer. The optical mouse my rooomie gave me to use shorted out and I'm using a roller ball mouse again. I don't want a cordless one for you always need to buy batteries for them.

Please Santa here my prayers and let some miracles happen in my life and I can find happiness again.

Yours truly,


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