Poz Mikey


Hate Life Right Now

I can't find a job at the moment

I'm about ready to have my phone and internet turned off

My friend has to be out of the house Jan 6 and I have too be out Jan 31 and I'm afraid I'll be living in the streets

I don't have money for food and need to reapply for food stamps and Ga

I don't have money to get people gifts this year for Christmas

I'm suffering from depression and anxiety

My life truly sucks at this time!!


  • Hiya Mikey,

    God I hate the thoughts of another POZ man going through the same lows as I did a couple of years ago. I did end up homeless for longer than I cared but the point is I survived it and I now have my own apartment. What I did, I contacted a local HIV agency about "Shelter Care Plus" who were able to get me in a shared spaced situation and gave me a chance to get started again. Oh yeah, seek psych help. Get on anti depressants, if only for a short while, it'll keep you focused and functional. I understand the depression of this time of the year and the financially woes of it all. But think of this as a gift to yourself and be committed to moving forward. Don't feel bad, keep active no matter what, it's a self fulfilling effort. It is a Merry Christmas, now go gift yourself.

    By Blogger ImPoz.RU, At 1:06 PM  

  • Mikey, I am so sorry to hear you are down on your luck. I am sending warm wishes your way.


    By Anonymous kilax, At 7:10 PM  

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