Poz Mikey


The American Dream

Isn't funny that when we were kids how we thought our lives would turn out when we became adults. The idealistic views that all possibilities were within our grasp. That we all would have well paying jobs. We would own a house in the suburbs with a significant other by our side. A nice automobile to drive around in to do our errands. To be able to afford all the necessities of life with no worries. Maybe I'm a little melancholy today. Maybe it might be the medications I have to take daily that are making me feel this way right now. When I was a kid I thought my life would be the American dream. It's funny how life throws you those unexpected loops. The unexpected dramas which form and change our lives forever. That we make those bad decisions in our life that bring us down to rock bottom. I still do want the American dream. Right now I feel I am running into road blocks striving just to stay on my feet. Why does nothing come easy for me. Why does everything feel like it has to be a chore. The harder I strive the tougher the road blocks. When is it my turn to get that one big break to turn my life around. Where is that significant other that I can share my inner most hopes, dreams, and desires. There is a saying that says " To every cloud there is a silver lining". Maybe I hit rock bottom emotionally so that the only way is up. I never expected my life to be what it is today. So let our children believe in the American dream. That all things are within their grasp. Let them be happy and carefree for as long as they can.


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