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Last night my ex Matthew called and told me about Keirsey.com. This sight tells a person what their temperament tends to be. So I took the test to see what kind of temperament personality I have. First off let me tell you there are 4 temperaments with four sub categories to each temperament. The 4 temperaments are, Artisans, Guardians, Idealist,and Rationals. Matthew said he came up Artisan. Well mine came up "Idealist". What it said blew me away it was so true. Such as in marriage I tend to look for a soulmate. Highly ethical in our actions we must be true to ourselves and others. When it comes to being dishonesty it can be quite hard for us to lie and if we have to lie we are quite hard on ourselves . That we tend to be hopeless romantics. They like to help others more then themselves. We tend to be good listeners. They have unique talent for helping people get along with each other. That they are filled with love and good will. This is just a small portion of what it said. What also blew me away is that it said we are rare and only make up 20 to 25 percent of the population. I never KNEW I was so SPECIAL. Sorry I couldn't pass up on that one. With 4 categories at 20 to 25 percent wouldn't that make me average? So go to Keirsey.com and see what temperament you have. There is no charge for the basic test. A full report 10 pages long cost $14.95. Have fun and enjoy, and don't be shocked when you find out the blatant truth about yourself.


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