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I could have watched it without the singing

Being wet, rainy and cold, not a good day for me to be out job hunting. I went to the library a few blocks from my house and rented "The Hobbit". Being a huge fan of "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy, I wanted to watch the animation version which was televised in 1977. This version has some really great voice talents such as John Huston, Orson Bean, Otto Preminger and others. For that time this version was quite well done. I only have one complaint. I could have watched it without the singing. There is a very sappy theme song with very sappy lyrics to this version done by a folk singer. It was so sappy I didn't even want to look it up on line to give the person credit for singing that sappy song. All through out this versions there are also little song breaks. URGGG. I hope that if Fran and Peter Jackson undertake "The Hobbit" as a film project. They do NOT put these song breaks in their film as a homage to the 1977 television version. What I hope they do put in is the quote "I'm Mr. Bilbo Baggins, I lost my dwarves, my wizard and my way." Don't we all feel that way sometimes.


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