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I usually don't read my daily or weekly horoscope but I was sitting in our library waiting to go on the net and open one of our locale free rags. The rag is entitled "Good Times." In this rag on the second to the last back page is "Astrology." Well for all who know me are going to get a big kick at what this woman had to write about my sign. So here it is: Libra: "Be aware that at times an over abundance of niceness towards others can overtaxed your entire system. Charming Libras actually need solitary quiet periods to revivify their nervous system. You are a gentle soul and many know this. So they ask a lot of you. It's time to be home. You are nourished there." When I read this I started to laugh it is almost right on the money. The only thing that wasn't right you ask yourself. Where is his nervous system being overtaxed at? Well it's my home. LOLOLOL So what I do is come to the library and nourish myself there. There are worst ways I can think of doing this. Trust me sometimes I REALLY want to. So for all who know me, or are fans of my writing I knew you would like this information.


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