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Don't Cry for me "Sweeney Todd"

So I'm a gay male who can't stand opera, I liked my both my parents, and not a flamboyant queen. There is one typical gay thing I do like, that is the Broadway Musical. I went to Broadway.Yahoo.com and notice they had Videos of shows playing on the great white way. Much to my surprise, but disappointment that I'm not on the East coast anymore. Patti LuPone is back on Broadway staring in one of my favorite shows "Sweeney Todd." By the way the Video looked they upgraded the story from Victorian England to the modern day society. For those of who don't know Patti's work she was the original Eva Peron in "Evita." She was also in the hit TV show "Life Goes On" as the mother. So if you get a chance. Head to Broadway and see this amazing actress.


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