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Murder On The Orient Express

Threw all the drama in my life right now I have been watching some of my favorite older films from our public library. I remember watching "Murder" with one of my sisters late at night on our couch when I was in my teens. Well I absolutely love the writing, the cast, and the off beat remarks some of the characters have to say. Such as (abriged version):

character 1: I was hiding in my room with my eyes close.

character 2: How do you know it was a man?

character 1: I had a wonderful relationship we both my husbands.

character 2: With your eyes closed Madame?

character 1: It helped!!

Then there is a whole gag with Anthony Perkins and how much he loved his mother. As you know Anthony played Norman Bates.

The ultimate line said by this elderly actress who's name I do not know which gets me every time is:

character 1: You do not smile Madame.

Elderly woman (rasping): My doctor has advised me against it.

So if you like older films, great murder mystery and star studded cast that beats all!! Rerent "Murder On the Orient Express" and have a fun night.


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