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Oh What An Emotional Week From The Bads To The Fantastics

This week has REALLY been something else needless to say. The first few days were very stressful. I found out my medical insurance ran out December 31 when I went to have my 3 month lab work done. What was to be a 5 to 20 minute experience turned into a hour and a half ordeal. Then later in the week I found out some disturbing news about some I know and I totally wig out Wednesday night to the point I was up for over 24 hours. So Thursday afternoon guess who shows up after I take a sleeping pill. That's right the landlord. There I am slurring like there's no tomorrow, trying to talk to her drooling from the mouth. Enough said about that!! So Friday (after bottoming out emotionally) what the hell happens? I have one of the best days in my life I had for a long time. Two people want to talk to me about employing me!!! Right On!!!! I did't have dress cloths in my wardrobe and found some vouchers from a locale thrift store which I usually can't find a damn thing in my size. What do I find? A nice dress shirt in my size, dress slacks, shoes, a nice tie. Maybe the universe is saying it's time now to give him his breaks. So Friday was an amazing day. Thank you Jenny Two Times!!!!!!
Ok I'm going to change the subject but still deals with what I have written today. Someone in my life mentioned that I am very susceptible to peoples emotions. Almost most to the point of being empathic. I knew this but never looked at it in that light. Dealing with someone who isn't the most stablest person in town. Made me screwed up in the head. So what I learned is this! I need positive people (no pun intended there) in my life.


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