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Starting To Listen

Well I think people are finally starting to listen to me about my health issues. The nausea in the mornings and not feeling well till later in the afternoon. The stress and the anxiety, not knowing when they are going to evicted me. I may get a pay as you go job a person from the Org. They are also going to finally try to get me on SSI. I just wish my internet was up to keep me sanity. I could also be moving into another Hiv house in the next few weeks. Would I like to find a full time job. Yes I would, but with my health issues could I handle one? It would be difficult. So we will see what happens and keep our fingers cross for my survival. Did I want to do something stupid over the New Years break? Yes I wanted to use real bad. I wanted to also have a bottle of poppers and a man in my bed. I wanted all three!!! So I'll say it again I'm going to keep my fingers cross.


  • i will cross my fingers (and toes) for you.

    hang in there.

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 11:51 AM  

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