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A Hurting Day

I really think the past few days have caught up to me. Pulling up carpets Monday afternoon. My new once a week cleaning job on Tuesdays. I can understand why my arms and shoulders are hurting today. Could someone please tell me why my inner thighs and the outside of butt cheeks are hurting? Yes they are so sore today I can barely sit or walk. Going up stairs is a nightmare and a half. I could understand if I did an illegal substance, or was sexually active and was with someone but I haven't!! To be honest it's been about four years since I have been intimate with anyone. That is one hurdle I need to overcome since being diagnosed with HIV. So today is a relaxing day for me. Jules I need your bath tub.


  • darling, you may borrow my bathtub whenever you want

    - j.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11:39 PM  

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