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The Interview And Being To Honest

Well today I went to my first job interview today for the first time in oomph teen years. Nervous as hell and keeping my composure I walked in confidently for a five minute meeting dressed to the nines. Now the job is only for 5 days as a greeter, handing out coffee, popcorn making clients happy. I can do that any day. So hopefully next week I'll have a few days of work and have pocket money and some to pay bills. I am way to honest to a fault. Today I was riding my bike in the Capitola area and notice this beautiful red bike with no seat just laying on the sidewalk. No ID, not locked up just laying there by a busy street. Now understand my good bike was stolen a few years back in the same area and the one I'm riding isn't in the best of shape. So I was like do I take the bike and have nice wheels to ride, or do I just leave it there, or do I contact the police. Well it didn't take very long for me to get my answer. Since having my good bike stolen and knowing the awful feeling of being violated. A local sheriff drove by so I flag him down and reported the bike to him. He said he was from the wrong district and would contact the correct authorities. So I could have had nice wheels, but everyday I would have had to looked at that bike and have a very guilty conscience. That I could not live with me being me.


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