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Was it a Man or Woman?

Walking around Santa Cruz today, I herd the strangest conversation. Three men sitting on a bench, relaxing, talking, having a good old time. Well a pedestrian walks by to get on a bus. Where this person was going I have no idea. I overheard the one gentleman say "Damn dude that's a dude!!" One of the other gentleman said "No guy that's a woman!!" Well they argued back and forth for 5 minutes debating the gender of this person. To me the gender was quite obvious it was a woman. I was just wondering how she would feel if she knew they were having this conversation. I do know men and women that cross dress. One of my red headed friends at the Org. looks hot when she does. I know what to look for when looking. Yes once in awhile I am fooled. I won't get in that but a few at the Org. Surprised me. So to all you out there just ask if you want to know.


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