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About 15 years ago I was a male exotic dancer in Baltimore MD. I danced my pants off for 5 years at club known as the Alantis. This was one of my most favorite jobs I had in my life. Some of you might think, yuck some scanky old man putting their hand on your privates. Well I will tell you, that feeling leaves quite quickly when your taking home anywhere between 100 to 600 dollars a night. This Asian guy (who I had a big crush on) and myself used to do acrobatics tricks on the bar, loaded with glasses we used to do some tumbling on the bar that was only about two feet wide. Sometimes the Asian guy and myself were on the same set we used to get on opposite sides of the bar and do synchronized dive rolls over the registers. The customers who were regulars knew when we were setting this up and use to shout out"IN COMING!!!"(Thanks Norm, everyone knew your name. Are you still with the Baltimore Colts band?) Later I found out they went to the full monty. I wouldn't have worked there if I had to go nude. I also met my ex Matthew there. He was a customer and I was a dancer.

For any of you who have scene the John Waters movie Pecker, the bar I worked at is shown in that film as a strip joint. (I was already in California when the film was made) I met John a few times there while he was filming in Baltimore. He always had a young entourage around him at all times.

Ok I am going to out another celebrity since he's dead now and he can't sue me. Paul Winfield tried to take me home with him one night. Paul was into short, white toned men . I guess since I worked at a gay strip joint in his mind I was also a hustler. Wrong. Sorry about that Paul I am into Whites, Latinos and Asians.

During this time period, one of the regulars asked me to do a photo shoot for him. I still have a few of the pictures that were taken. One is shown on this posting. He was a semi professional photographer and made me very comfortable during the shoot. Having seen his work displayed before, I agreed to do the shoot. He asked me later in the shoot if I would do a few nude shots. Yes I posed nude for someone. Someone, somewhere in Baltimore Md. has a few birthday suit shots of me. By this time I am sure more then one person has nude pic of me. Damn, I should surf the net to see if I can find one!!!

I am a little more reserved now. I still have my killer legs, but need a little more work on my upper body. Watch out Jules I may just one day strip for you at your new job at the county for old times sake!!! You too Ms. Sizzle!!!


  • Be prepared for a C&D from the high-priced legal team at Paul Winfield's estate.

    Just when you thought it was safe to out a celebrity...

    By Anonymous Kevin, At 6:41 AM  

  • you totally took me back about ten years.

    I love gay dance clubs. They have been for quite some time, the only dance clubs I will go to.

    The gay men

    the music

    the vibe

    the smell of sex


    not that I'm a fag hag or anything **wink**

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 12:15 PM  

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