Poz Mikey


The First 7,000 Hits On My Blog (I Missed 5,000 Due To Technical Difficulties)


Bet you didn't know I was counting your asses!!!


  • Yes, but I am guessing that at least 6800 of them are mine.

    I sit in front of the computer all day constantly pressing the "refresh" button in breathless anticipation of your next entry.

    I'm obsessive compulsive like that. :-)

    By Blogger Dave2, At 12:45 AM  

  • Hi,

    Thanks again for participating in the International InWeDay celebrationa.

    There was a concensus that you all would like a blogger forum all year.

    I will do my best to keep the forum running and open for you.

    Please tell your friends.

    Please remind newcomers to register and login to the site so they can post.

    Unfortunately the content of our forum went "poof!" into the nether-regions of the Internet.

    I have posted new topics.
    Feel free to add your own.
    And if the forum gremlin wont let you post what you want, please tell me in LAST WORD.
    LAST WORD is also a good place to give me grief over something.
    And to tell me something has disappeared or is not co-operating with you on the site.

    The only way anyone will know this site exists is word of mouth/ word of blog. Invite as many folks as you can to register on the International Webloggers' Day Site in 2007:

    Plus invite them here to the forum all year.

    Thanks Again,
    Come back Often to:

    Thanks to Rio too for maintaining the official InWeDay Site.

    Lynn Tucker

    By Blogger Lynn, At 1:46 AM  

  • And 299 is mine.
    Ooooh, I love fire work. My own or from some one else...
    Good jod.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:42 AM  

  • 7K and counting, cool beans.


    By Blogger Nocturnal, At 4:20 AM  



    I will not let Big Brother Mikey ruin my life!!!

    I can never come here again...

    Good bye!


    By Blogger kapgar, At 7:41 AM  

  • what? you can see my ass all the way up here? I knew it was big, but come on... ;P

    wow. that's a lot of visitors :) congrats mikey!

    By Blogger suze, At 8:04 AM  

  • Crap! No wonder I feel like someone is always watching me!

    Congrats, baby and I'm glad you're back up and running!

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 8:13 AM  

  • Mikey, I wouldn't have figured YOU to be working for the NSA! ;o And if you're counting asses, well then my big patootie must take up at LEAST 1,000 on your count! ;) Love ya and hope you're feeling better. :)

    By Anonymous SoCalGal, At 12:50 PM  

  • Congrats on the big numbers, you deserve the hits, and write about great stuff, keep up the great posts......GG

    By Blogger The Gay Guru, At 7:03 PM  

  • No you're not I block all tracking cookies! But, I've been here 4,237 times LMAO :)

    By Blogger A Voice For My Random Thoughts, At 1:32 AM  

  • Most excellent! Here is to 7000 more!

    By Blogger Claire, At 10:56 AM  

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