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So I want to the doctors yesterday for my lab results and to see how my kidneys were functioning. I was a little scared is going. When I walked into the reception area there was a sign that read "BEWARE: YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE SCARED!!"

I couldn't help myself but to laugh uncontrollably. Yes they had decorated behind their desk for Halloween. I feel that sign was so wrong to put up before seeing a doctor.

When the doctor gave me my lab results I received some fantastic news. My T cells jumped from 440 to 552 and my viral load is again undetectable. Two years ago my t cells were at 65 and my viral load was at 555,221!! On top of that since they changed one of my medications, my kidneys are working better. It was a VERY good day yesterday!!

This weekend I missed seeing Ms. Sizzle. Due to work and commitments I was not able to go to "The Red." I'm sorry love and hope to see you next time!!


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