Poz Mikey



So I'm going to the dentist today to have a tooth pulled today. I really hate the dentist but the work is needed in my mouth. It seems that the HIV/AIDS antiviral medications can dry out your mouth and give you bad teeth.

I never really liked my smile and that is why I never show my teeth in my pics. The last time the I went to the dentist he made a smart ass comment I didn't care for and it took me two years to go back.

Now within that two years the meds. have really made my back teeth really bad. Like I said I'm getting one pulled today and maybe another too. I have so many cavities in my mouth it's scary. So now I am setting my pride aside and having the work done that's needed in my mouth.

Bad teeth can also affect your HIV. The body has a hard time fighting the virus and what's going on in your mouth. I just wished my dental insurance would cover cosmetic dentistry but it doesn't. All my life I wanted the perfect smile and have been told by every dentist that I could never have the perfect smile.

I have always had a huge gap in my front teeth and have been told every time by dentist braces would not work for me. You see, I have small teeth and a large jaw so if I did get braces the teeth would shift anyway.