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A Meme: 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

1- I Nair or shave my body from the neck down at least once a month

2- I have Britney Spears on my Ipod (Stronger)

3- I have huge stretch/birthmarks on my right side groin area and my right side back.

4- Working in the salon I have become a product queen. (Jan Marini skin care)

5- I have diarrhea everyday. With the new medication Kaletra it has become worse.


  • Hey Mikey! Long time no see!! It's been a while - only had internet connection at the office for some time, so could not surf and visit all of my pals in the blogosphere like I wanted. Hope you are doing well (from the before and after work-out pictures above, it seems like you are!).

    Completely relate to #5... I found that after more than five years, I developed a resistance to the Sustiva I was on, and my doctor switched me to Kaletra... oy my bowels!

    By Blogger Justin Thyme, At 3:12 PM  

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