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Holy Total Recall

So I went food shopping at the local Safeway the other day. I went up and down the isles getting my food. As I was about ready to get into the check out line, I noticed a woman pushing a cart. I stopped, my mouth dropped open, and I was too stunned to move.

What caused me to freeze up? The woman pushing the cart looked liked Arnold Schwarzenegger in drag from the movie "Total Recall." In the movie "Total Recall" Arnold tries to get to Mars and has on womens clothes and a fake womans head. The head malfunctions, splits open, Arnold takes off the head. The woman's head says "Have a nice day" (or something to that effect.) Then Arnold throws the head and the head explodes because there was a bomb in his prosthetic head.

I swear on my life, this woman looked like she was wearing the same prosthetic head. I just stood there waiting for her head to malfunction. I waited for her head to split open and Arnold to pop out. I made a V line then to the nearest check out line when I was able to move. I didn't want to see that woman take off her head saying " Have a nice day" then blowing up the Safeway with me being in the store.


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