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I Don't Do Bathrooms

So the owner of the salon gave me some of my back pay yesterday. Like every other queen what do you think I did? I went shopping!! Yes I bought two nice work shirts. A movie called "Latter Days" which absolutely rocks!! A new product (RED) shirt and everything I bought was on sale.

Well I had to use the restroom so I went into one of the department stores restroom in the mall. After I came out of the stall there was the cutest Latino male waiting there looking at me. He went into the stall and shook his head for me to follow him. WTF I don't do sex in public bathrooms.

As much as I wanted to do this guy, I don't know if he was legal age. If he was legal I would have liked to have gotten his phone number and gone somewhere safe to sleep with him. He was sooo my type. I did learn one thing from this whole encounter. Maybe there is a man somewhere here that's my type and maybe can have a relationship again. (Or a good one night stand)



    Not as often as I would like tho.

    By Blogger WAT, At 9:54 AM  

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