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Miracle Do Happen / Major Emotional Roller coaster ride

OMG the last 24 hours has been a major emotional roller coaster ride for me. As you readers know, I thought I has going to be homeless at the end of the month. Well a miracle happened my dear readers. I went over to see my ex boss and he told me that since he was unable to rent the room he has available he would allow me to move into that room.

Call it karma, a miracle, God or the universes intervention or what not, I'm so grateful I'm not going to be homeless. He wanted a tentent that he could really trust and he trust me completely. There are only two conditions for me to move in with him. One of the conditions is I find a good person to seek help for he believes I might have A.D. D. since all my life I've had focus issues. The second condition is that I quit smoking ciggerettes. I've been running around making phone calls about "The Patch", changing my address since I found out I'll have a place to stay.

If anyone ever tells you, miracles don't happen in this world, (pardon my french) you can tell them to go fuck themselves!! This one, short, little gay man living with AIDS is proof that miracles do happen and I still believe miracles do happen for me and anyone else out there. They may not see the miracles happen but they are out there. Now I'll have time to breath again, get my head one straight, and time to sort out my life.


  • Wow dude I thought I was having a rough time, My heart goes out to you. Hope everything works out! I know life can be at times unbearable. Hang in there, dont loose hope, I find thats what keeps me going through the dips.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:07 AM  

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