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Beating around the Bush

Ok, I have had my blog over a month now and never really have written anything political. Well guess what folks I'm going to do it today. I have been watching CNN a lot while I was sick this week and listen to their commentaries. The news of the war in Iraq, and the false information that got us into the war, the explosions in Jordan, the CIA leaks about the undercover agent, and the secret jail facilities, the torture of American prisoners. Didn't they call the Iraq minister of miss information. Isn't that what the American public are receiving now? Now middle America wants heads to roll. Where was middle America when the elections were held last year? Why are they now beating around the Bush. I didn't vote for Bush in either election. Didn't the red states know that Bush went into Iraq just to finish what daddy couldn't finish? Didn't they know that Bush was only looking out for himself and big business's including the oil companies. That the little man would eventually get the short end of the staff under his terms in office. Even ex president Clinton is wondering why Bush has not been impeached yet. Is there a double standard here in our political system? I think so!!! So the next time you vote I ask you to think about what is this canidate going to do for you and the country. So call me Dennis Miller for I am the 400 pound gorilla!!


  • I honestly believe if it wasn't for the electoral voting system that Bush may not have won.

    I dont' get it, the first time around I knew this guy was trouble. What keeps him safe? Family and money and investment ties. Sigh

    btw do you prefer the potter books or the movies? :)

    By Blogger Muse, At 6:20 PM  

  • I like the books better but still enjoy the movies

    By Blogger Mikey, At 6:29 PM  

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