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Someone asked me the other day what type of men do I like. Well this is what I told them I liked. I like men who are on the same level as myself. I don't want to play daddy or son to anyone person. Yes I like Asians, Latinos, and White men. Someone athletic to average build or toned. They have to be my age or younger with a great sense of humor. I joke around with people all the time that I get hit on by losers, fat, bald ugly older men. Everything I'm not looking for in a person. If I had my choice I would choose someone like Nicholas Gonzalez, Justin Long, Chad Michael Murray, Matthew Keeslar(whose pic is shown}, or Alec Newman, Jet Li (if his complexion were better). These are the types of men I'd like be in a relationship. Mikey gets hit on by the types who look like Danny Devito, Jack Black, Ian McNeice, Gene Simmons, Patrick Stewart. I know someday I'll find someone to share my life. For now I'll just wait and hope until I find that one certain man.


  • Danny Devito?
    Jack Black??
    Ian McNeice???


    By Blogger J, At 12:34 AM  

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