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Parker, Jules, and Lancaster Pa. Double murder

I know this is the second entry today. There are a few things I want to say. First is Happy Birthday to my roomie Parker. May you get many bulls eyes today. I am a native Lacasterian. I was blown away to hear on CNN about a double murder and kidnapping. When they mentioned the Warwick district I knew where they were taking about. A small town outside Lancaster named Litiz. There wasn't a lot to do in Litiz when I lived in Lancaster. Infact my opion is it's in the middle of Amish country. The only thing I like about Litiz is the Wilbur Chocolate company. For those of you who have had Hershey kisses(Hershey's about a 45 minute drive from Lancaster) Wilbur buds blows away kisses right out of the ball park. So what is going on in the area I grew up. First Pat Robertson slams Dover(which is in York county one county west of Lancaster) for not teaching intelligent design aka creation. Now a double murder by an eighteen year old both making national news in less then a week. Talk about a shocker!! The last thing I would like to mention today is that my friend Jules is in Dominican hospital. I don't know what is wrong with Jules. I hope you get well soon and I'll send good energy your way.


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