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3 out of 9

Yesterday was World AIDS Day. So last night I went to a candle light vigil for friends and roommates that have been lost to HIV/AIDS. This year Santa Cruz county lost 9 people to the virus. When I herd that I was in shock. 3 out of 9 were my roommates. I only have to say it was a very emotional night. The reading of peoples names lost this year and in the past. The sad songs sung with their poetic lyrics sung on their behalf. The candle light flickering across the teary emotional eyed faces of people who have lost friends and loved ones. People who work with HIV/AIDS clients doing their best trying to control their emotions as they ran the ceremony. As I'm writing this the night before posting, I'm still pretty emotional from the nights events. Sometimes I have trouble letting go of my emotions. What really hit home for me last night is that if they don't find a cure for HIV/AIDS my name will be read one day in the future on a street corner, or crowded room on December 1st at some candle light vigil.


  • just surfing by...

    my thoughts on your thoughts:

    i spent thurs evening at church praying for those suffering with aids/hiv...

    our church was hosting a conference on the subject this week...

    our pastor says we may not be able to change the world but we can change a life...

    just know that you are not alone...

    here's an article on the goings on...


    By Blogger Old SAW - S. A. Wilson, At 10:58 AM  

  • oops!

    here's the article:


    By Blogger Old SAW - S. A. Wilson, At 11:03 AM  

  • mikey,

    know that you are loved.


    By Blogger Sizzle, At 1:02 PM  

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