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The Polar Express

Here in the Santa Cruz, Felton area we have a passenger steam train that runs between the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, and a red wood Forrest tourist trap called "Roaring Camp." Well, last night I was walking in the dark, misty, drizzly night. I was making one of my many nightly 7,11 runs, the passenger train went by as I was going to the store. It was all lit up for the holidays. A Santa Clause in every other car waving to no end at the pedestrians. Christmas carols blaring for all to hear over the rumbling of the train. I have to give them props. It struck me as a beautiful sight. A thing of enjoyment on the verge of tasteless, but not an over done vehicle art piece. Any more lights, or one more piece of tinsel, one more overly large Christmas gift box on top of the train would have ruined the effect. So thank you Roaring camp tours for making one person's night. You also made the Polar Express come true for kids of all ages.


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