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The One

I was wondering why I'm I so slow sometimes at catching on to things. Tonight I was playing one of my favorite word games on the computer. It's a game called text twist on Yahoo messenger. Me being a big fan of The Matrix I should have caught onto this sooner. I just wondering how many of you were also duped by this wit of tongue in cheek writing. You can make three words from the letters O. N. E.:

1: One

2: Eon

3: Neo

I can't believe it took me all this time onto catch to this character's name. How FREAKIN' subtle was that a for writing of a script. How many of you caught onto them always saying Neo is THE ONE? How many times did they give us this clue in there films, and in there writing? How many times did the iterated to us saying I know you are the one Neo. They also said I believe Neo is the one. Well guess what folks he really was the one in more the one way. Yeah I know three postings today what else can I say today!!


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