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New Years Wishes

I realized I haven't made a wish list for this year or any resolutions. So last night I was in my room watching "Gorillas In The Mist" thinking about what I wanted out of life and what things I would like to do this year. Here our a few things on my list:

1; Go Sky diving
2; Take some sort of vacation (It's been at least 9 years or more since I had a real one)
3; Get a new bicycle or better transportation then I have now
4; To over come my fear of dating and find a boyfriend since I am positive I am so afraid I will infect someone
5; For this salon job to become permanent and to find a job Mondays threw Wednesdays
6; Not to become a bitch but be able to speak my mind with people about how I feel or how I am thinking instead of holding my tongue. I am way too kind hearted for my own good.
7; A new bedroom set I am tired of the black liqueur set I have had for oomph teen years
8; Some new toys like an Ipod, webcam just some really kewl stuff
9: To get my life organized and be able to handle my bills
10; For my one fantasy to come true those who know me know what this one is LOL

These are just a few things I am thinking about for this year. Do I now have hope in my life again? I would say the answer is a resounding YES. Will anyone of these wishes, hopes dreams come true? I will have to wait and see what this year brings for me. It can't be any worse then the last couple years. Lets face it. The last year and a half has been a living hell for me. LOL


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