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Death Of The Carport, Backyard Flasher

My new place is a very kewl, very long rancher. So my bedroom windows are ground level and they are about 3x5 feet long. I have two of these long suckers in my bedroom. Till today, I had to sleep wearing all my clothes. I would have to dress in the bathroom so I would have privacy. I am sure my roommates would have loved seeing my penis along with the rest of the older neighbors.

Thank god for Jill and Bob the couple who has the baby. They gave me a curtain rod that is long enough, and very heavy canvas drapes that cover the window that faces the carport. So when I am checking out craig's list men seeking men, now no one can see what hell I am doing.

As for my window that faces the backyard. I went into the outside wash room and found a blind that is long enough, but does not quite reach the bottom of the window. The mirror on my dresser covers most of it, I still need some type of window planter, or stained glass window catchers to cover the rest of the area.

At least tonight I will be able to sleep how I like to sleep. Should I develop a "kick stand" tonight in my sleep at least now the whole neighborhood can't make a Rob Lowe, Paris Hilton, Scott Stapp, or Kid Rock sex video of my bedroom unless I want them to make a video. Yes Death to the car port, backyard flasher. I so have to make Jill and Bob dinner one night.


  • If anyone accidentally catches a show, the proper thing to do is to charge them for it.

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 3:00 PM  

  • or take a bow afterwards.

    By Anonymous Kevin, At 7:28 AM  

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