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I am doing an easy posting today. After my 5 list blog with 22 related links I'm saying what the fuck.

I was watching VH1 with my ex Matthew who came to visit me. I hadn't herd about the fat cat in the news. They showed the kitty and said it had a 31 inch waist. This came out of my mouth "Damn that cat has a bigger waist then I do (BTW I have a 28 waist or boys 16 pants)!!" Matthew fell off the sofa laughing his ass off.

Later since we hadn't seen each other in a few week Matthew and myself went out to eat. He had asked me if I had "used" lately. I told him the truth that I hadn't but getting the urge. He goes is this bi-annual no I said tri-annual about once every 4 to 6 months Yes I do want to use one night and be with a hot dude all night long. I just need to find the right dude and yes, I do know it's not good for me.


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