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It's A Girl

I met the couple who are the last roommates moving into the house last night. I knew they had a young child but didn't know the gender. It's a beautiful little girl. This morning when I woke up I herd her in their bedroom making those sounds all babies make when they are happy. I burst out in laughter and I couldn't keep the smile off my face.

About mid morning they brought her out for all the roomies to meet. Instantaneously she stole my heart and is the biggest flirt for being under the age of one. Her mother informed us that she(the baby) would run the house. After a few minutes being around the baby I understood what she meant.

Thundering down the hall way in her walker racing like Jeff Gordon for the pole position, nothing kept the baby from her intended destination. She reminded me of the car owners showing off doing doughnuts, reverse spins ( she loves to walk backwards) and run over you. I said to her father kiddingly" I am going to need to take out an insurance policy." That brought a snicker to the proud father's face.

I think all the roomies are going to enjoy having a youngster in the house, and we will all miss her when she and the couple leave in the next few months.


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