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The Panic, Stressful, Rainy Night Move

So you all know I moved into the new place Wedsensday night. About a month ago I had made arrangements with Androgynous for him to help me move. I do have to admit I really didn't clarify the move, but he committed knowing I had to be out on the first.

Two days before the move I left a note for Androgynous mail slot at the Org. for him to see me. The next day I talked to him, He was committed to a meeting for the Org., but was able to help with the move so rental truck was needed. He informed me that his ETA would be three pm.

So all last month I have been packing things up slowly. So the move would be quick and simple. How wrong was I to think that thought in my brain. Learning from experience, I should have known no move is ever easy or simple. The frantic last details in which boggle the mind, stress you out, and keep the country from winning the war in Iraq.

To make the move more easy I asked Jules to help me with a car load the night before. Jules being Jules graciously accepted and we packed her car up and took one load over to the new place.

Early that day, while doing errands, the property manager from the place I was moving out of came over. She noticed Jose's things in the room where he wasn't suppose to be. No one was to be in the house with me the last month I was there. She unlocked the all the doors to make sure no one else was in the house.

Later that night, I check my answering machine there is a phone call from her. It went some thing like this:
Hi Mikey this is so and so(she always uses that fake sweet voice on the phone which makes people sick in there stomachs) I stopped by today(unannounced of coarse) and saw someone elses things in one of the upstairs rooms. You know that today was your last day(she knew I was out the next day), If you and that other person are not out with all your stuff we will have to file a trespassing charges and have both of you arrested. Damn my stress level went up to major proportions. Quick a 911 call to Jules to see if she has the number I needed so the property manager could deal with "The Woman."

The Day of the move. Everything Jose and I moved downstairs from my bedroom. Packed and ready to rock and roll to go to the new place. Three O'clock rolls around, there is no sign of Androgynous. This day was a nice day until about 2 then it started to rain. Quarter after 3 I call Jules up at the Org. No sign of him there. I told Jules I wouldn't panic till 4.

4 comes around stress goes into PANIC mode still no word from Androgynous. So 911 call again to Jules. She tells me she been trying to reach on my phone. I had already packed it away for the move. The only line working in the old place was the house phone. Androgynous had an emergency at the Org. and would be over shortly.

Here comes the Calvary about 10 after 5. Androgynous, Jules, Mouse, his girlfriend, and a volunteer from the Org. Who was called at the last minute. So after three small truck loads( I was thinking two) two car fulls of boxes and such I am moved in to my new home.

So I really want to thank Androgynous, Jules, Mouse, His girlfriend (she's cute dude), The volunteer, Jose, and "The Woman" for getting me my new place, and getting me away from the Nightmare On Elm Street.


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