Poz Mikey


Why Can't I .....

  • Set the correct time on my bosses wall clock without breaking it.
  • Find two tapestries for my windows that I like. My bedroom windows are a peeping toms fantasy come true, or a Mikey's nightmare.
  • Open the website for the most recent earthquakes in our area. There's the link, can you open it?
  • Get my bedroom organized. I think this one has to do with me working the last three days.
  • Not piss people off while trying to do the right thing.
  • Find a significant other. I'm I that picky or do I just know what I want in a partner and won't settle for less?
  • Upload my pictures to blogger dashboard.
  • Remember things I need from the store until after I get home from work a few days in a row.
  • Find the time to go over to Jules's house and clean her kitchen and bathroom, rough house with their dog Iggy, and play Snoopy ears with Fat Lola.
  • Organize my life.
  • Make a pizza without almost burning down the house. Really, I am not THAT bad of a cook. (see posting Burning Down The House.)
  • Keep my burning down the house posting on my blog.
  • Take a bath without locking my self in the bathroom.
  • Become a Blog whore. (skip that one I'm already one)
  • Write and spell better.
  • Find a competition, or a person to publish my best writing ever. I feel my posting about Three Mile Island is the best thing I ever wrote.
  • Remember the damn back space button to clear before I paste a hyper link. I always want to hit the enter key on my keyboard.
  • Keep my comments on most peoples blogs. If I pissed you off I am sorry!!!


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