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Hart And Menopause

In my posting Wild S and Frankenstein Tits I mentioned Hart and how sometimes the salon was cold. Today I am going to go more in depth. I work with a bunch of middle aged women. There are only three men working there Wong, Larry, and myself. I can use Larry's real name due to the link I have posted and it's free publicity for him. Yes I have mentioned I used a link to his web site on my blog.

Often times I have to put on a sweater or sweatshirt (I love hoodies I can't get enough of them) I wish I could be like Imelda Marcos and have over five hundred. Stop!!! Wait a minute, who has more shoes? Imelda Marcos or Star Jones both have over five hundred. That just hit me writing that line? The trivia bullshit I retain.

So sometimes the salon is hotter(lolol I looked how I typed that first and I typed hooter {guess what link that one is}) then Heath Ledger's acting, or cold then me and Jose right now. I was sitting in the cubicle I use when I can't be in the room when Larry is working on a hair client. Sorry Rabbit good hair piece doesn't come off in bed, trust me I know from experience. I will make a posting of the guy I once dated with a hair piece. Only Rabbit, and Matthew know that one. Damn I'm off track again.

Sitting in the chair in the cubicle, bundled up with my freshly waxed eyebrows, icicles hanging from them and my front genitles going all the way down to the floor. Oh what a visual you must be having right now. I am that cold!! Women who have headlights had nothing on me this day. Wondering if all of them are having hot flashes at the same time? Thinking should I sit under the hair dryer to warm up. Damn if I did I would flood the salon and put them out of business. Should I go over to the vegetarian restaurant next door and get a hot cup of coffee? What should I do?

So Hart comes over to ask me if I was cold. My body is one whole goose bump by now. Teeth chatting trying to speak. I manage to sputter out " YYYYYYYES IIIIII AAAAM" She says " Oh get use to honey. Your working with a bunch of women who all are going through menopause." The youngest person there is Wong. He just turned 30. "Whoa" I cried out in aspiration "TMI, way too much information for me!!" God love these women . They will tell it like it is in no time flat. Why isn't menopause called womenopause? HMM Notice how Rabbit's link is white. Another hmm. That Rabbit link will tell you why the first Rabbit link is white. Will explain TMI link in another posting. Good story there to tell.


  • I'm sorry. I missed most of the story. I was too busy noticing my name.

    (I'm kidding. I read the post. Our furnace has broken twice already, so I can sympathize with you.)

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 4:18 PM  

  • Did you click on the second Rabbit link. "Notice how Rabbits link is white? Another Hmmm That will tell you why the first rabbit link is white." I couldn't resist. That one was for you.

    By Blogger Mikey, At 6:52 PM  

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