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Going From Homosexual To Homometrosexual The Waxing Experience

The women and my boss at the salon have really rubbed off on me. They are turning me into a homometrosexual. I have already told you I went into the interview and came out with a part time job, a hair cut, and a good dye job. So having seen my boss wax men's ears, and eyebrows, and he told me even once he even waxed a man client's nose hair. OHH GROSS. First thing I pictured was a big, long, stringy, boogy coming out of his nose along with the nose hair.

Looking in the mirror the other day I said to self " Damn my eye brows are in bad shape." After, a lot of contemplating and inner strife. I never had the brows waxed before, I decided to let my boss wax them.

So sitting back in the chair, my head on the counter my boss applies the wax. "Ok" I think "Not so bad, kind of warm and soothing I could get used to this."RIP. I jumped out of the chair, hanging off the ceiling just like Tobey Maguire in the original Spiderman during the Thanksgiving day scene, and cursing explanatorys left and right.

So finally I get courage to get back in the chair, let my boss finish the waxing, gritting my teeth the whole time. Then he pulls out his black tweezers. With the first pluck I am back up on the ceiling again, cursing like a drunken, horny sailor on his first Saturday night leave in a saloon.

After another five to ten minutes of torture which in actual time was about a minute or two, my boss applies this nice, soothing ointment to my eyebrows. Ahh the relief. "Ok now. Let's do your ears." "What" I cried out and trying to get out of the chair. No luck. He straps me down like a death row inmate in the electric chair. He does both ears. I have to admit that wasn't too bad. He said "I only had a few hairs in each ear. On the other hand, your eyebrows were like titanium steel wool pads." I do have to admit I look good, the eyebrows are shaped, and not overly done like a flamboyant queen in which I expected them to be. God bless women who go through that torture to look beautiful. God forbid if I start to wear a speedo at the beach and need a Brazilian bikini waxing. I think I'll just use Nair for that hair removal.


  • I don't wax. I'm not crazy. When I was a baby, something as mild as soap took my skin right off. You think I'd apply hot wax and rip away?

    Yeah, right.

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 1:19 PM  

  • waxing IS painful but beauty takes work. or so they say, and i bought it hook, line and sinker. ;)

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 6:50 PM  

  • yeah, i've waxed.
    and no, i'll never do it again.
    you wanna call me a baby?
    go right ahead.

    jules :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:24 AM  

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