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Part One: Why People Are Upset Part Two: The Story Part Three: The Answers

This week you found out certain people were upset and angry, and sad. Today I am going to reveal what I know. A certain person at one of the local non profit organizations was terminated this week (not Jules or Sizzle). This person has had certain health problems lately from being overweight. This person was amazing at what they could accomplished for the clients of this non profit organization. Very knowlegdable at what they did, loved by co workers, clients adored this person. They were willing to take that step, inch, extra mile, for the clients other people didn't want to handle, or didn't have the knowledge or patience to handle. I also know certain clients were to go to board meeting last night in behalf of this employee to get them reinstated. I haven't herd any feed back on what happened and if they went to the board meeting. If I didn't have to work, I would have been at that board meeting myself. There I said what I know!!

Yesterday, I told you I was going to tell you a baby transgender story that my boss knew. This may offend some people please skip to part 3 if you don't want to read this portion. I told you how one of my boss's client's adopted daughters had penis envy and he brought up the topic of transgenders. A friend of his up in San Francisco is a transgender and wanted to give birth to a child. Since youth, this transgender would dress up as pregnant women, pregnant nuns, if it was female and pregnant it, he dressed it. In the navy he became a nurse and worked in the maternity ward. After leaving the navy he found work in the maternity wards of hospitals. He was so excited about births that real parents used to give him pictures of the babies being born. One night up in S. F. My boss and the transgender went out to eat in Chinatown. After eating and paying their bill the transgender slipped one the birthing pictures into one of the menu's of the restaurant. He asked my boss to stay and watch the persons reaction when they saw this picture. The next customer to come in was this robust black woman. The transgender seeing this woman asked my boss to step out for this persons reaction. The black woman sits down for a good meal, opens the menu, and yelled "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS" This I feel is sick, twisted, but humors and something I would never have done.

Since no one knew or commented on the dark knight quiz here are the answers in order. Lewis Wilson (1943) Robert Lowery (1949) Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale.


  • Personally, I wouldn't want to see childbirth photos either. When I have my own kids, I'm going to be happy as hell to be on the opposite end where I can't see anything.

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 5:54 PM  

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