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With Love and Time Out

So I was having one of my achey days, and I so wanted to say goodbye to Jules today at the org. but I also had to be at work early today. So I say with love goodbye and I know we'll stay in touch, the clients will miss you.

I unlocked my bosses room this morning. I told him I would be there early to take care of any inventory shipments, and do some cleaning. Not feeling up to snuff I looked down and saw the mail. Mixed in the mail was a BARF BAG with a note that stated, with love from Joan. My bosses is flying to a convention in Florida in two weeks. I started laughing my ass off only in a salon would I see that. Later in the day my bosses informed they are great to send pictures in if you stuff them with toilet paper to get the point home.

So Big Red's first client wasn't due in till 2. She stops by and informs us that they cancelled. Her client was suspended from school today. The mother said " You are not getting your hair cut today, I am giving you a time out." So wouldn't her client still need a hair cut after the time out?


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