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Drivers License Test: The New Hit Broadway Play (For Mouse)

Scene 1: We see Mikey driving with his father beside him to take first drivers license test.

Father starts scene-Before we go take you for your test, let's go to the practice course one more time.

Mikey-Ok dad.

Mikey drives to his old junior high. Goes threw the practice coarse with flying colors. Dad is impressed.

Dad- Ok let's head to the state police barracks now to take your test.

Mikey- Yes father.

They head to the state police barracks. The DMV and the state police barracks are in the same building. Police in front, DMV in back(I just found out this changed looking on line).

Scene 2: Mikey takes his first test

Instructor- Ok Mikey, I want you to get in the car and do everything I tell you.

Mikey- Yes Sir!!

Mikey gets into car. Fastens his seat belt. He also checks all mirrors so he can see.

Instructor- Please start the car up.

Mikey does so

Instructor-Now I want you to turn on and off your headlights and windshield wipers. Then after that I want you to push on the brake and I am going to go check outside all the above so I know everything works before we start. After that I want you to put the car in reverse so I can check those lights. Do not, I repeat do not move the car an inch till I am back in the car. I don't want you to hit me!!!

Mikey does this with no problems but thinks oh great more added pressure on top of the nerves.

Instructor- That was fine, everything works on this car. Now I want you to put the car in reverse and go threw the coarse.

Mikey backs up this big ass, brown aircraft carrier 1970's Buick LeSabre. No my parents couldn't own a small Mazda. That one they owned next and I flooded that car out with water. I will tell you that one later in the week. Mikey does well on the coarse. Now it's time to paralla park.

Mikey parallel parks, then he stops the car. The instructor opens the door and measures the distance way from the fake curb with his clip board.

Instructor-Now I want you to head out of the coarse and park in the same spot we started from.
Mikey does so.

Instructor- You failed son. You were to far away from the curb. You can take your test again in another 3 to 7 days. Mikey goes home broken hearted.

Mikey's second try. Replay scenes one and two.

Mikey's third try at license.

replay scenes one and two until after the instructor measures how far from curb with his clip board.

new dialog from here out

Instructor-You now Mikey you are too far away from the curb.

Mikey- I know I am sir. It's that I have done this over a hundred times perfect. It's just when you creepy old men are in the car with me. You make me nervous.(I did leave out the creepy old men part, but that is what was going threw my mind plus I was half in tears.)

Instructor-Ok, I will give you one more chance to parallel park.

Mikey does so. Instructor opens door. Then shuts it. No clip board

Instructor- I don't even need to measure with my clip board. You parked it so well. Now drive back to the spot where we started.

Mikey does so.

More new dialog

Instructor-Now put the car in park and come with me.


Instructor-You passed son. We need to take your picture for you license.

Mikey drops a load in his pants

Mikey-You mean it?

Instructor-Yes I do come on.

So they both go in. Later that day Mikey tells whole family how he passed and about the creepy old guy.

Scene 7: later on that night

Mikey- Hey mother and dad can I borrow the keys to the car and go out with my friends?

Mother and Dad speaking in unison-Hell no we don't trust you yet!!

The End

Footnote-Mouse at least when you take your particle driving test it won't be in an aircraft carrier like I had to drive. Good luck dude!!!


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