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Lust Or The Amazing Race?

I have about two weeks off from work (unpaid) due to my boss going to two conventions. So if you see a few postings a day it's because I am really becoming a blog whore.

I am kinda torn right now about this posting. I don't know if I should blog about the new Wednesday morning front desk volunteer at "The Org."or CBS'S "The Amazing Race." I think I'll wait on the ORG. lust posting till later today or tomorrow.

I really don't watch that many reality TV shows. How can it be real when there are hairdressers, and make-up artist involved. One of the few I do like is "The Amazing Race." Last night was the two hour premier. A former neighbor turned me onto this show.

This season they have two guys on from San Francisco who are hippies as a team. You have to love BJ and Tyler. When they crossed the finish line in second place Tyler (who went to U.C.S.C.) said" Dude that was awesome. That was the best high I had without any substances." Right now all the teams are in South America. Could you imagine if they go to Columbia? They be like "Where's the "Coke" dude?"

Then there is Eric and Jeremy I am routing for this team to win because Eric is very easy on the eyes. Sorry Jules, there I go again. BTW my hormones are in overload any ideas of hotties for me? These two placed first last night.

Another team I really like is the sister team of Lisa and Joni. They walk into a hotel and one said "This is my type of hotel. I'd like to stay here sometime."

There are 11 teams competing and I am not going to blog about all 11. There is one more I need to mention. John and Scott the "Lifelong fuck buddy team." John, John, John, what the fuck was the Barbara Eden "Jeannie Power" thing in the taxi cab? You deserved to be eliminated last night for being that much of a queen. In the hotel, you said" What a fabulous suite!" You sounded just like Bugs Bunny when he told Gossamer " Monthersth make thuch interesthhting people." What is it with your pic on the web site today. You look like my boss before he had the liposucion. Are you a drag queen too like him?


  • Great blog, Mr. Mikey! :-) Came across it surfing through random blogs - really enjoyed reading!

    By Blogger Justin Thyme, At 4:39 PM  

  • I'm so ticked because I set my TiVo to get this episode and I didn't realize that a repeat of another show was ranked higher up than Amazing Race. So it got the other show instead of this. I was not happy. The thing about the other show is that it's not normally on Tuesday nights. It was some special showing that I didn't even realize was happening.

    By Anonymous Kevin, At 6:14 PM  

  • dude, that is TOTALLY UNFAIR, teasing with the new Org Volunteer and then saying NOTHING more...give a little, babe.

    - jules

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:17 PM  

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