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A Posting For The Future About Our Birth

Dear Mikey,
I am writing this posting from our mother's womb. Evidently the secret to Windows XP is stored in here and for gods sakes keep Bill Gates away from mom. If he gets near her we'll never hear the end of it!! I have tapped into our mother's vagina via Ethernet umbilical cord to pass on a little information for us. Since Windows XP has so many problems you should receive this sometime in the year of 2006. Yes, we do live that long, and we become 43 year old fart.

First of all , I want to inform you about our upcoming birth (and our sex life) in a few days. We are going to be gay. It is so tight and cramp in here we never want to see another one of these vaginas again. Birthing is such a messy process. We are going to quote a line from one of Pink Floyd's songs all the time for the rest of our life. I will tell you that we will not appreciate their music until later when we our older. The line we will quote all the time is "Do you want to take a bath?" from "The Wall" album. We will always enjoy taking baths more then showers and I'll explain that soon.

Hold on a second I think mom is trying to push us out. Nope false alarm. It was only a fart.

So mom is going to have a little trouble birthing us. Having three kids before us, you think her vagina and body would have an easy time. When we are growing up, she'll always tell us how we kept her in labor for 36 hours and nearly killed her. Later. She'll tell us this was a guilt trip. At least she doesn't quote Joan Rivers saying how we ripped her to shreds like Melissa did to her. By the way, dad will have one of the first vasectomies performed in Lancaster county.

I will tell you dad will be a little cold to us. It seems that there was this incident in a grocery store. He was holding us and a woman comes up to dad and says"Is that your grandson, how cute is he." Dad turns around angrily to the woman and grits his teeth saying"No lady, this is my SON!!" Mom will explain that to us later after dad dies.

"Damn you vile woman." That wasn't a fart, we our being born.

Ok Mikey, I have to rush this now. We are now in that woman's birth canal. I also can see a lot of people dressed really weird outside mom's vagina. We think they need a new fashion designer from "Project Runway" for a new wardrobe. We wonder if their getting a thrill from seeing mom's pussy.

We our out of mom now. Holy shit, who is that cute doctor. He is such a hottie!!! "WAAAAA"(crying noise) we want to do the doctor right here and now. Yes, we cried at our birth like all babies. Not because the nurse slapped our bare bottom red. It was that we wanted to suck the doctor off in the O.R.

The reason we don't like to take showers is when we were born, we were thinking they were going to drown us. Cleaning off all that sticky mess that comes from the birthing process.




  • You have just taken "Look Who's Talking" to a whole new twisted level.

    By Anonymous Kevin, At 12:27 PM  

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