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Reminder and The Front Desk Hottie

Just a quick reminder to enter the blogging contest. Click this link for details. I have finally chosen someone to blog about that's not on the list.

I mentioned yesterday, I was all day in lust with the new front desk volunteer at the "Org."As I have mentioned before I like white, Latino, and Asian men. Olive skin and dark hair is a real turn on for me. I never even considered Arabic. Hey they have olive skin and dark hair too.

I haven't needed to go to the "Org" for awhile so I walk up the steps and I felt like a lesbian with a hard on. My tongue got so stiff I could barely talk to the dude. It was like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah coming out of my mouth. I finally was able to spit out I am here to see Ms. Sizzle and Androgynous.

Wearing at tight pair of blue jeans that showed off his butt, and a red and blue designer shirt not tucked in I was thinking Damn this dude is hot. Plus he is tall, scratch that, being 5'4" everyone is taller then me. I couldn't really tell if he had a slight gut which I am not into (I couldn't really tell from the clothing he was wearing) but for this dude I would an exception.

I had asked "The Beer Man" if he was straight or gay and his come back was why don't you just go up and ask him yourself. I mentioned in my dating post I am not sure if I am ready to date. I think I am ready for sex. So I chickened out asking the dude. This dude I wish would make my one sexual fantasy cum true. I just hope I don't have gas like I did in my posting "Killing The Inmates."


  • dark hair and eyes and olive skin...mmm, yummy!

    I love gay men, just sayin.

    I love being able to check out men together without there being a competion. I mean either he's gay or he's not, Or he's just a sister who hasn't entered the parade yet.

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 10:06 AM  

  • he is yummy, i agree. and it is totally unethical that i am saying so.

    having said that, i am about 94% sure he is straight. and 100% sure he can't get involved with anyone as he is a volunteer and it goes against the code of ethics we require.

    but there will be others! i promise!

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 1:36 PM  

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