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Oh Those Duckie Name Tags

I know I never mentioned it till now, but I have one older brother and two older sisters. The two girls came first and then the two boys. When we were growing up my mother couldn't, and still can't to this day keep our names right. She would always call us by our siblings names.

I still have a vivid memory of one incident and another of how my one sibling got our point across.

When I was in junior high and high school my mother used to wake me up so I wouldn't be late for school. One morning I hear her yelling up the stairs all the siblings names but mine. She was saying"Janet, Mary, Allen it's time to get up!!" So I am laying in bed thinking to myself, you know what? I am going to stay in bed till she gets my damn name right.

So about 20 minutes goes by, I think I better get up. So I walk down the stairs, my mother waiting there patiently, and blurts out "Hey kid what the hell is your name?" So I informed my mother the blase' name she and my father gave me. I also informed her I was going to stay in bed till she got my damn name right.

In the months that followed, I told my siblings about what my mother had done to me that morning. I am surprised I don't have P.T.S.D. from that morning. So on Janet's birthday which happens to be on Christmas eve. She always throws a big family get together.

I walked over to Janet's house to help her get ready for the party. Mary was there, she had flown in from where ever she was living at the time, and Allen showed up shortly after with his psychotic wife(I may one day blog about that "woman". My parents were still at their place.

Mary(shown in pic) sits us all down and informs us (the kids and the grandkids) stating that we all need to do something about the name thing. So she pulls out of a bag these name tags in the shape of ducks. So we all write our names on these tags, put them on our left brest area, and wait for our mother and father to show up.

Suddenly we hear mother and father coming to the door. We all rush to the door waiting for them to enter Janet's house. The door opens, my mother and father looked at us and they both can't keep a straight face. We all informed May and Archie (my parents, man my grandparents gave the worst names to my parents they must have been on acid or something) that they had to have name tags on too.

So that night my mother got all her kids, and the grandkids names right. I did see her look a few times at the name tags so she wouldn't fuck up our names.


  • Too funny!

    My grandmother still runs through the rollcall of all of her children's names (including the daughter's) when trying to speak to my father. Always been that way - always will.

    But he, like you, is the youngest...

    By Blogger Rye, At 12:21 PM  

  • Just be happy your parents didn't call you by your pets' names. My brother and I got Meatball and Jinx all the damn time. Not great for the self esteem to be called after cats' names.

    By Anonymous Kevin, At 1:21 PM  

  • LOL - that is too frakking funny!! :-)

    By Blogger Justin Thyme, At 1:30 PM  

  • Rye-Again I love the Sam the eagle pic.

    Kevin-I Was called the pets names I was called Fritz and Mitzi our two dashhounds names.

    Justin-It's still a running family joke in our family.

    By Blogger Mikey, At 2:00 PM  

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